So picture this: You walk into the tie section of a fashion boutique… And you are instantly overwhelmed with choices. This is what leads to is the inevitable “tie nest” that is often found in most men’s closets. Is there a simple way to build a tie wardrobe? Of course there is. Breaking it down into its most simple ingredient is the best way to do that. We do have some tips on how to find that one great tie that will compliment almost every outfit you wear.

Ties – they come in many shapes, sizes and colors. So many, it’s easy to find yourself contemplating a tie rack for several minutes trying to decide what to buy. It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? It’s just a small piece of fabric, but small things like a proper leather belt, some nice cufflinks, or the right tie can make the difference. In fact, accessories are usually the most noticed “points of interest” on a person’s outfit. People will see the tie choice before they see how perfect (or imperfect) your suit fits.

The good news is that you really only “need” one tie. Sure, you can own as many as you want, but in the NEEDS category, it’s rather simple: a black or navy silk grenadine tie will help you pull off any look, formal or casual.
Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What the heck is silk grenadine?!” Please read on.
Keep it solid.

A black or navy tie can seem like a pretty dull option. With so many vibrantly colored and boldly patterned ties out there, it seems like a waste to settle on a boring, black tie. While it’s true that you should throw on a tie that looks great all on its own, you don’t want one that is in conflict with the rest of your outfit. A purple tie might seem like an interesting option, but it can easily turn into a faux pas, whereas a solid one is fail-safe. Furthermore, due to its versatility, a black or navy tie will work with every outfit, on every occasion.
James Bond’s navy grenadine tiesSean Connery is one of the best know actor to wear grenadine silk ties. During his role James Bond, in the Dr. No and From Russia with Love, he always wore a dark navy grenadine tie from Turnbull & Asser.

Unlike the typical shine of a wet-looking silk tie, the grenadine one has a beautiful woven texture which makes it work great in both casual and formal settings. Just think about it, you wouldn’t pair a silk tie with a pair of jeans, would you? If you would, we’d urge you to consider how unbalanced the look might be? Wearing a tie with jeans is arguably the most difficult sartorial task to pull off correctly. The grenadine, however, goes perfectly with the jeans and the suit! The secret lies in the texture, which isn’t so robust to make it as casual as a knit tie, but also keeps it from having such a shine as a typical silk satin tie. Grenadine is also a very thick silk. You often find grenadine ties in unlined styles. They tie up the perfect knot that holds itself easily all through the day. A few other alternatives to silk grenadine ties are: wool challis, wool knits, cotton solids, cotton knits, silk knits, and woolen ties for the winter, linen for the summer. All can be had!

Size matters –Certainly, the color and fabric of a tie can make the difference between a nice tie and a great one, but proportions are just as important. It goes without saying that a tie should be directly proportionate to the size of your suit jacket lapel…which should be proportioned in line with your bodily proportions. However, no matter how tall, short, skinny, or wide you are, the rule is simple: the tip of the tie should hit the beltline.
When it comes to width, bigger man look better with regular width ties, while shorter or thinner ones can pull off skinny ties. Furthermore, skinny ties can add a modern vibe to your look and will work both at the office and on the dance floor. Reverse this, however, and you can look a little silly. Bigger men should avoid skinny ties, and smaller men should avoid the huge vintage width ties.

A nice tie is the kind of accessory that can make a difference. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy ties, since you only need one, or ideally, two. We’re not saying you shouldn’t own more than one, but if you only buy one black or navy silk grenadine tie, you’d be set with the right tie for any occasion.
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