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In mid-2009 Aaron felt the sting of the uncertain economy. After 3 years of working as a welder/fabricator, a sudden job loss turned his world upside down. Aaron realized through struggling to find work that he needed to reinvent himself to adapt to the new economy. He started a home-based direct sales business where he discovered the secret of success was in serving people. Through the process, Aaron knew that he was born to be an entrepreneur.

With a strong awareness that people judge others on their appearance, he started building his professional wardrobe. Frustrated by poor fit in off the rack clothing and a lack of a tailoring presence in the Lehigh Valley, the idea to teach himself the art of tailoring was born. He started the business under the name “Off The Cuff LV” from the basement of his home in Allentown’s East Side. Off The Cuff LV was a clothing alterations business serving men, women, and children.

“His true passion, however, is revealed…”

His true passion, however, is revealed in building custom wardrobes from the ground up for men in the Valley.The creation of Rogues & Regs Custom Clothiers was his idea to create a brand that shows equal appreciation to each side of the men’s style spectrum. The Rogues are men who dress with “fashion over function”. The Regs (or Regulars) are men who dress with “function over fashion”. Since then, Aaron has tirelessly devoted his time and energy to learning the craft. He is often asked many “How did you…?” questions. His response is, “It’s less about How and more about Why. Necessity is the mother of all invention. I needed a job and and saw a void in the market so I decided to fill it. The how-to came later.” He loves working with a diverse range of clients and enjoys helping men realize their full image potential from the outside-in.