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A blazer is not a typical jacket nor is it a separated part of a suit. It’s something in between. It is a piece of clothing so versatile that it can be worn as a dressy option in lieu of a suit or with jeans on a Friday night on the town.  We’ve all seen the gold button blazer at our local dept store, but this one is not the same. A man should really have at least this one blazer in his closet: a navy blue hopsack with odd metal buttons and patch pockets. 

First things first…

You should know the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket.

“The devil is in the details”

Simply stated, a blazer is a jacket with no observable pattern. It’s usually made in a solid fabric such as a twill, plain weave, or the more appropriate hopsack or 2×2 basket weave. 

A blazer is not considered a “sport coat” because it has no pattern. Only patterned jacketing is considered for making “sport coat” garments.

Blazers usually are not made with matching mated trousers.

To be distinguished from a suit jacket separate, blazers usually combine these elements: a) textured solid fabric b) Odd metal buttons (gold or silver) c) Style designs like lower and/or upper patch pockets, elbow pads, throat latches, and/or  the occasional “3 roll 2” button stance.

Fit vs. Silhouette

Fit – A blazer should have the same fit elements as a well-tailored suit. In today’s menswear resurgence, fit can be a very personal thing. Some like a little “drape” and some like it skin-tight. At Rogues & Regs, we make things per the client’s request. Our “house style”, however, is a modern and trim garment that comes close enough to the body to satisfy today’s aesthetic without being so tight that movement isn’t permitted. We make well-fitting clothing that you can live, work, and play in.

Silhouette – This is a term you occasionally hear when browsing through menswear forums. Without an overly complicated explanation, silhouette refers to the level of structure seen in a garment. A very strong and masculine silhouette will feature strong shoulders and stiff chest pieces in the jacket. The opposite end of the spectrum is a very soft shoulder and drape-y chest and back. At Rogues & Regs, we like “gentle structure” where the shoulders and chest have just enough structure to keep a sharp tailored aesthetic. When it comes to blazers, our rule of thumb is, “The heavier the fabric, the softer the tailoring and vice versa”. Nothing looks worse than an overly structured tweed jacket or an under-structured 7.5 oz worsted blazer.

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This one is simple: stay away from all the crazy and trendy colors and always choose from neutral pallet for your first blazer. Some will say you should opt for black, others for dark green or white or burgundy, but here at Rogues & Regs we believe that the best option is navy. It’s the perfect for both day wear and nighttime festivities. 

One blazer, endless options

The blazer is a unique item every man should have in his wardrobe. It can be worn for cocktails, for office meetings, for nights out, and the next day at church. You can match them with almost anything in your closet. It will look spectacular paired with a light blue oxford shirt, a pair of chinos, and with solid brown calf oxfords. It will also look amazing matched with jeans and a flannel shirt. Paired with the right dress pants, it’s easily a suit jacket substitute. The Navy Blazer is arguably the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. 

No matter the budget, the blazer is a low to mid priority for a guy under 30. However, if you are over 30, it’s a mid to high level priority. Of course, it all depends on your taste for style and the types of people you see and events you attend.

If you’ve decided to add a blazer to your wardrobe’s collection, set an appointment and we will visit your home or office at your convenience for consulting, measurements, and full delivery!