The Ultimate Dress Shirt

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If you had to wear one shirt for the rest of your life, what would it be? What shirt is so versatile that it could easily transition from business environments to casual wear and even to black tie events? You can scratch your heads and browse through the pages of fashion & style guides, but the answer is simple: a white spread collar long sleeve pique cotton dress shirt with convertible placket and cuffs. 

Or maybe it wasn’t that simple!

The right white shirt will look great under a suit, exquisite under a tux and casually-chic paired with jeans and a sweater. 

The tricky part about white shirt is that most men consider them a wardrobe item easy to shop for. After all, a white shirt is just a white shirt, no need for useless complications. In reality, there are many details that can make the difference between a plain white shirt and an impeccable white shirt. 

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  • The fabric

Needless to say, the fabric of the shirt should always be cotton. No exceptions, no wrinkle-free shirts, no silk, no linen. Besides the fact that it looks better than the shine of a wet-looking silk shirt, cotton is a natural fabric that draws heat away from the skin, thus keeping your body dry and cool. It’s also non-irritating and gentle with dry skin.

  • Collar

The right collar is another factor one should consider before buying a white shirt. There’s the cutaway collar, the spread, the pinned, the button-down. They all have their place, but the most versatile and the only one “need” is the spread collar. A medium to wide spread is best.

The spread collar is the most versatile and is the proper collar to wear with a tuxedo. Winged-collar tuxedo shirts are technically for white-tie dress.

  • Weave

Another thing you should consider before buying a white shirt is the weave. The weave is the way the threads of cotton are put together to make the shirt’s texture. There are poplin weaves, twill, dobby, and oxford and so on. 

The beauty of the pique weave is that it will give the texture a modern vibe when worn casually; it won’t be so noticeable when worn with a suit and is the preferred weave for a tuxedo shirt. 

  • Cuffs and placket

Women have endless possibilities when it comes to decorating and accessorizing an outfit – from necklaces and earrings to statement rings and scarves. Men, on the other hand, don’t have that many options. The cufflinks are one of only opportunities to “adorn” ourselves without looking bejeweled. 

The convertible cuff in this shirt has buttonholes between the two fastening buttons so that you can easily install cufflinks or simply button the cuff. The convertible placket functions in a similar manner, allowing it to be buttoned as a normal shirt or worn with tuxedo studs.  

  • The finger rule

The way a shirt fits is just as important as the fabric or the cut type. If the length and the width can be trimmed, the collar size can’t be adjusted so you’d better make sure if fits you perfectly otherwise you are stuck with it. 

Make sure you can easily fit one finger between the collar and your neck. If you can’t fit your finger comfortably between the collar and your neck, then it is too small; if you can fit two fingers, then it’s too big.

All custom shirt collars from Rogues & Regs are built with comfort and shrinkage in mind. Cotton dress shirts always shrink when they’re brand new. We build them to be shrunk from the start. 1-3 normal wash cycles will shrink the collar, sleeve length, and body length up to ¾”. The rest of the shirt will shrink a little as well, but not as much.


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